First Nations: Race, Class and Gender Relations

Satzewich and Wotherspoon have edited a collection of essays on the sociology of aboriginal peoples, highlighting the structural inequalities they face in society today. The collection of essays fills some gaps in Canadian sociology. "First Nations: Race, Class and Gender Relations" offers different perspectives on various case studies and epistemological reflections, for example postcolonial criticism and the problematization of the concepts of race, gender, and ethnicity. This volume updates the Canadian sociological debate, conforming it to developments in other disciplines, such as anthropology and history, in Canada, USA, and Britain. Finally, scholars propose a new framework for interpreting the "economic policy" of aboriginal/non-aboriginal relations in Canada.

Satzewich, Vic and Wotherspoon, Terry
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Satzewich, Vic and Wotherspoon, Terry. First Nations: Race, Class and Gender Relations. Regina: Canadian Plains Research Center, 1993. (2000's reprint)

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Review by Coates, Ken Spring 1995 Capital & Class, Issue 55, p.181
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Review by Glucksmann, Miriam, Ethnic & Racial Studies, yr-1995 vol-18 iss-2 pg-384 -385