Alternative & Rehabilitative Programming, and Community Resources: Lac La Ronge

A directory of alternative and rehabilitative programming, and community resources available to Lac La Ronge and Region; exterior links to additional and contact information

*Note: Some Programming is offered in urban centres or other areas of the province, eligibility for these programs are not limited to specific band membership which is why they are listed. 

Lac La Ronge Programs/Resources


Lac La Ronge Justice Unit

  • Restorative Justice Program/Community Justice Worker
  • Aboriginal Court Worker Program


Directory information for the LLRIB Restorative Justice Program and the Community Justice Worker, and the Aboriginal Court Worker Program. Program delivery is focused toward youth and adults who come into conflict with the law to support restorative healing approaches to justice, and address crime through community and personal mediation. The Aboriginal Court Worker Program assists individuals appearing before the Courts to understand their rights, options, and responsibilities. Aboriginal Court Workers also assist by coordinating access to services and resources (social workers, employment counselors, substance counselors) for persons appearing before court.

LLRIB – Health Services – Community Services Programs

Community Services Programs provided by LLRIB Health Services. Follow links for detailed program descriptions. ­­(See attached PDF to this entry for a directory of Health Services Contacts)

LLRIB Pre-Employment Supports Program (PES)

  • “PES provides client supports specific to the individual client, within a service delivery case management model, to 18-64 year old Income Assistance clients living on reserve to prepare them for the workforce. PES Case Workers provide individualized assessments and develop Mandatory Action Plans that will identify how a client plans to remove barriers to employment and develop the necessary skills and enter educational programs that lead to training and employment. 

Woodland Wellness Centre - Healing and Recovery

336 Wilson Charles Dr, La Ronge, SK

SK S0J 1L0

TEL: (306) 425-1920

"The Wellness Center located on NE 20-70-22-W2 is a health care facility for the treatment of mental health and addictions located in La Ronge, SK on one of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band reserves. It is approximately 2000 m2 and includes a live in component for addictions and mental health treatment for up to [24] clients [24 bed-facility]. It also will provide pre and after care for clients with mental health concerns and clients that have been through treatment. The facility will provide a variety of care options including modern, religious and land based cultural treatment. On the site will be the main center plus cultural learning facilities including meat and medicine prep, greenhouse, garden, and sweat lodge." (Government of Canada)

The Wellness Centre starts officially accepting clients in January, 2023. 


Prince Albert Programs/Resources


Prince Albert Grand Council Programs

  • Spiritual Healing Lodge - The Spiritual Healing Lodge is designed to help incarcerated persons on their healing journey.
  • Holistic W­­ellness CentreTreatment and service delivery focus on the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing of individuals/families and engages with the practice of ‘living therapy’
  • PAGC Justice UnitDirectory for PAGC’s Justice programs and services

Follow links for detailed program descriptions.



  • Prince Albert – 306-763-3001
  • Saskatoon – 306-244-1771

“STR8UP helps members, youth, and adults within the criminal justice system become healthy responsible citizens. We support through a range of services, from addictions support and healing circles to mentorship and justice advocacy.”

STR8 Up is a community organization that works with gang affiliated individuals and provides support to help their transition and healing. Support programs include Community Outreach, Gang Violence Reduction Strategy – Community Intervention Model, and a Transitional Housing program. STR8 Up has recently extended some of their support services to the Prince Albert region.

John Howard Society - Prince Albert Justice Programs

John Howard Society Prince Albert coordinates the Adults Reintegrating in Community (ARC) Program, and the Redemption Project Program for Indigenous male youths between the ages of 16-24. John Howard Society also coordinates many other restorative justice programs in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and Regina.

JHSS Prince Albert Office
250 28th St. W.
Prince Albert, SK S6V 4S9
TEL: 306-960-7201


Provincial Programs/Resources

CLASSIC - 2019-2020 Rehabilitative Alternatives to Incarceration – A Handbook of Community & Government Programs in Saskatchewan

“The purpose of this handbook is to increase awareness about community and government resources across Saskatchewan that provide rehabilitative alternatives to custodial sentences, particularly for Indigenous peoples. The manual includes information about addictions and mental health services, Alternative Measures and extrajudicial sanctions, counselling services, anger management and other programming… CLASSIC hopes the handbook will assist defence counsel in pointing to the applicability of Gladue principles while identifying alternative, rehabilitative programming for their clients. The manual may also assist judges, probation officers and parole officers in the identification of government and community-based services for individuals in conflict with the law. The ultimate aim of the manual is to reduce the representation of Indigenous people in the criminal justice system by providing viable programming alternatives that address criminogenic factors and promote healing in the lives of Indigenous people, their families and communities.”

This manual is comprehensive in its scope and programming is broken down by cities and communities. This resource will be most useful in locating rehabilitative justice programming and services anywhere in the province, and includes descriptions of those programs. Please consult the manual when investigating rehabilitative alternatives to incarcerative sentences. Please note that this manual was compiled to date as of 2020 by CLASSIC Law, therefore we cannot promise that all programs or contact information is current.  

FASD Support Services and the Integrated Justice Program

FASD Network Resources

Saskatchewan's ONLY Gladue Report Writer team,  Legal Aid Saskatchewan works in partnership with and provides some funding for the FASD Network's IJP. Besides providing Gladue Reports, the IJP and FASD Network can assist clients with short and long-term life/healing/educational planning, act as community and network supports, advocate for the wellbeing of clients, and identify resources: 

  • FASD Support Services: “Through our Support Program, we provide services to give individuals and families direct support in their daily lives. Using their in-depth understanding of FASD, our Support Workers provide individualized support and one-on-one assistance to meet the unique needs of our clients… Our Support Workers work with the individual or family to create short-term goals and determine a plan to reach these goals.”


  • Integrated Justice Program: “Part of the program includes Justice Support Workers who can help individuals navigate the Saskatchewan justice system by providing advocacy, courtroom support, assistance understanding and complying with conditions, probation and parole planning, release planning, sentencing support, peer mentoring, and access to community support as well the specialized FASD supports offered by our Support Program…The overall goal of the program is to achieve better justice outcomes so individuals can be safe, supported and contributing members of their community [….]Through the Integrated Justice Program, the FASD Network currently has one of the only Gladue teams in Canada. Our staff use trauma-informed practices to prepare these submissions at no-cost to our clients. An important part of the program’s support services is preparing comprehensive release plans to help clients rejoin their communities... These plans focus on making sure a client has access to community supports that meet their needs including safe and appropriate housing, access to health services, income support and fulfilling activities.”

Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations – Health and Social Development - First Nations Addiction Rehabilitation Foundation – Treatment Centres


All Nations Healing Hospital

Fort Qu’Appelle, SK

TEL: 1-866-748-8922 or 306-322-2608

FAX: 306-332-2681


Saskatoon, SK

TEL: 306-956-0345


Saskatchewan First Nations Regional Dashboard – Justice Resources and Programs

Arts, Culture, and Social Programs

Education Programs

Northern Funding Programs  

Resource Library - All


“The Saskatchewan First Nations Regional Dashboard is an information tool that contains key data points relevant to First Nations in Saskatchewan and a Resources Library. The data and data visualizations from many sources will provide users a glance at over 100 indicators and the Resources Library contains over 500 programs, services and planning resources to support First Nations in implementing their priorities.”

The provided links are just some of the many programs which may be relevant the Dashboard has helpfully consolidated.