Using and Citing the Database

The following statement must appear in or on any books, articles, maps, reports, workshop presentations, datasets, meta-data or other publications which incorporate or are based on the material downloaded here:

“This work is based upon information provided through the ‘Settler Colonial History and Indigenous People in Saskatchewan: A Gladue Rights Research Database,’ accessed [provide date here]),”

What is the purpose of the database?

This database is an ever-expanding work in progress. It is designed to provide Indigenous people, their legal counsel, and others working within the justice system with information that will assist in the protection of Gladue rights after a person’s conviction and prior to sentencing. In particular, this database provides researchers with information pertaining to the history of settler colonialism in the province of Saskatchewan up to c. 1990.

Gladue Rights and Database Workshop Accompanying Information Package

The attached PDF is a handout package that accompanies the Gladue Rights and Database Workshop, a service provided through the University of Saskatchewan. For participants and researchers, the information package is meant to expand upon and further explain elements of the workshop and contextualize Settler Colonialism's cumulative effects within Canada. There are a collection of resources, quotes, summaries, and analyses of literature.