Group of Halfbreeds Request the Creation of their Own Band

A group of mixed-ancestry people at Qu'Appelle asked that Indian Affairs recognized them as a distinct band and let them draw annuities from the federal government. Their request was refused, as an act of the previous session of parliament defined Indians as only those with a connection to an established band.

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This request was made sometime during the winter of 1875/1876
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Federally imposed legal definitions of "Indian" could be alienating for those who did not fit neatly into this category. It also undermined the ability and right of Indigenous people to define their own categories of citizenship and band membership. Because of these restrictions, non-status and Metis persons would not be eligible for government assistance like those who were considered "status Indians." The government used these methods to assimilate Indigenous peoples into Euro-Canadian society while also allowing the government to reduce the amount money and assistance promised under treaty.
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