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Alternative Measures & Extrajudicial Sanction Agencies in Saskatchewan | Gladue Rights Research Database

Alternative Measures Agencies in Saskatchewan

AMS AND EJS Agencies: F to L


Directory: Community Justice Programs | Gladue Rights Research Database


Directory of Community Justice Programs in Saskatchewan


Gladue Submission Guide | Legal Aid Saskatchewan

Legal Aid Saskatchewan's Gladue Submission Guide

The Gladue Principles: A Guide to the Jurisprudence | Indigenous Law Centre | USASK 

Screenshot of Ralston's Gladue Jurisprudence Guide

2019-2020 Rehabilitative Alternatives to Incarceration – A Handbook of Community & Government Programs in Saskatchewan | Indigenous Law Centre | University of Saskatchewan 

Screenshot of CLASSIC's Rehabilitative Alternatives to Incarceration


Law and Research Databases


CanLII Law Database | Written Gladue Decisions, Saskatchewan


  • Written Gladue Decisions from Saskatchewan Courts, including Supreme Court Decisions 
  • Sort by Relevance, Date (newest, oldest), most cited, court level, most pages


Saskatchewan Gladue Cases


Indigenous Studies Portal - Law | USASK
Indigenous Studies Portal Law MenuIndigenous Studies Portal - Legal Orders and Traditions


Wahkohtowin Law and Governance Lodge - University of Alberta


The Wahkohtowin Law and Governance Lodge is a dedicated research unit based out of the University of Alberta. The Wahkohtowin Lodge’s objectives are to uphold Indigenous laws and governance by:

  • Supporting Indigenous communities’ goals to identify, articulate, and implement their own laws,
  • Developing, gathering, amplifying, and transferring wise practices, promising methods and research tools,
  • Producing useful and accessible public legal education resources.

The Wahkohtowin Lodge responds to the expressed needs of Indigenous communities and organizations and specifically answers the TRC Call to Action #50, which calls for the creation of Indigenous Law Institutes for the “development, use and understanding of Indigenous laws.”

Wahkohtowin Law and Governance Lodge