Using and Citing the Database

Video file

This Tutorial Video gives database users a short explanation on the various resources, information, and menus available on the database, and how to use the Search Tool and Advanced Search to filter and refine search results.

Main Features:

Explore Menu - 0:27 min

Key Concepts - 3:27

Community Browse - 6:30 

Legal and Justice Traditions - 7:45 

Justice Resources and Programming - 8:47

Timeline - 10:30

Search Tool / Using Advanced Search (Recommended) -  10:58

Using Advanced Search 


  • Allows user to filter results by type
  • Filter by Resources, Basic Page (Key Concept pages), Community, Event, and School
  • Recommended search method because it produces specific, better results and avoids wasting time  
Search Tool
Citing the Database


The following statement must appear in or on any publications or work which incorporate or are based on information found on the database:

“This work is based upon information provided through the ‘Gladue Rights Research Database: Legal Aid Saskatchewan,’ Accessed [provide date here], [hyperlink to entry source] [or]”

Copyright (c) 2018 of the Community-engaged History Collaboratorium, History Department, University of Saskatchewan. This resource is created under the supervision of Legal Aid Saskatchewan and Dr. Benjamin Hoy and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit