Council of Chiefs at Fort Carlton


Treaty 6 chiefs gather at Fort Carlton for a Council to voice their complaints, focusing on the cattle they had been given, which were wild and unusable. The chiefs agreed that if nothing came of their council, they would take greater steps to achieve their goals in the summer of 1885. As a result, Assistant Commissioner Hayter Reed was sent to visit individual Chiefs and discuss their grievances.

Reed largely dismissed all of their claims. The following year discontent would come to a head with the 1885 Northwest Resistance, though few of the participants in this council took part in the armed resistance. Refusing to negotiate for better outcomes and goods, Reed knowingly left First Nations communities with little options of action to take in order to have their grievances heard. The Canadian Government created the environment in which conflict arose, and when communities resisted to the government’s unaddressed issues NWMP were dispatched to subdue them in 1885.