Large Metis Contingent Emigrates to South Saskatchewan River Valley

In 1882 a large group of Metis peoples emigrated permanently to the South Saskatchewan River Valley.


DA, Father A Andre, “Mémorial en réponse au questionnaire du R.P. Visiteur, octobre 1883.”

Other Note

According to an 1883 report by Father André in 1883 the population was distributed: St. Laurent (which included St. Louis at the time) 400; St. Antoine (which includes Fish Creek), 500; Duck Lake, 600.

The emigration of Metis peoples westward was a result of the increased settler presence, racism, and displacement eastward in Manitoba. This emigration transformed Batoche, St. Louis and St. Laurent into permanent settlements. Permanent Metis settlements (along with local First Nations peoples) would resist the Canadian Government during the Northwest Resistance, specifically at the Battle of Batoche.
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