Metis Community at Victoire


A primary source interview with Joe Vandale indicates that some Metis fled the Batoche area following the end of the Riel Resistance.

Fear of government discipline and punishment for being associated with the Riel Resistance resulted in Indigenous peoples being forced to leave their homelands, resulting in an undermining of social cohesion and support networks. Mr. Vandale notes that his grandfather resisted sharing details relating to the events of the resistance - this could be indicative of the traumatic and/or life-threatening nature of these and other events which necessitated migration.------------ The establishment of predominantly Metis communities has provided a haven for Metis people to engage in cultural traditions. These traditions include community gatherings with cultural-specific music and dancing, Catholic religious practices and the speaking of Metis languages. The broad kinship support systems within these communities have also provided solidarity and solace when faced with racism.
Sub Event
A number of Metis fled to Victoire from Batoche following the Riel Resistance.