Canadian Indian Policy During the Inter-War Years, 1918-1939


Taylor discusses "Indian policy" change that evolved between WWI and WWII. From the Author's Introduction: "Dialogue between Indian peoples and government was not always easy to put into practice. Some of the difficulties are raised in the chapter on Treaty Eleven. The problems of communication were further intensified and complicated by considerations of power and economic advantage. Even so, opportunities to listen to Indian people and to involve them in their own future were missed — and even flatly rejected.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In spite of the fact that the bilateral approach did not enter very significantly into the government's policy and administration of Indian affairs, and despite the enormous difficulties faced during the inter-war years, this period was not entirely a time without hope. There were signs pointing to change. In 1939, however, that change would be delayed as the world once again slid into war." Pg 2.

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Taylor, John Leonard. Canadian Indian Policy during the Inter-war Years, 1918-1939. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, 1984.

Taylor, John Leonard
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