Residential School Adapts to Modern-day Needs


This short article describes the development of the La Ponge Beauval Indian Residential School from it's origins as a missionary IRS to the changes it saw after 1979. The article describes the modernization of the school, the lives of students attending the school, and the future prospects for the school. This is a primary source and should be viewed as such - the views, opinions, and attitudes expressed within this source reflect the biases of its authors and society at the time. Its positive portrayal of the school is in direct conflict with the testimonies, stories, and experiences of survivors and former students who attended the school and whose experiences were categorically negative, like all Residential Schools.  

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Originally published in Denosa Magazine, September 1, 1983. Accessed through "Our Legacy" Saskatchewan First Nations Archival website. Document can also be accessed through Northern Saskatchewan Archives in the "DNS Academic Education Branch" fonds/collection."

Guest, Graham
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