The Last Buffalo Hunter


Born August, 1845, Norbert Welsh was the oldest member of the Metis pioneer group at Lebret. He was also the son and grandson of Hudson's Bay Company men, and became a prominent trader and buffalo hunter in the North-West. This book contains information on the  near-extinction of Canadian buffalo, primarily by American tourists and hunters, and the subsequent effects to Indigenous peoples and access to resources. The book is valuable for its first-hand look at the role of Metis men on the plains as traders, freighters, buffalo hunters and interpreters, as well as their adaptation to changing economic pressures. .

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Welsh, Norbert, Weekes, Mary, and Waiser, W. A. The Last Buffalo Hunter. Aboriginal Education Collection. Saskatoon: Fifth House, 1994.

Welsh, Norbert, Weekes, Mary, and Waiser, W.A.
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