Janice Acoose interview on Metis history


From the Gabriel Dumont Institute: "Janice is a Métis writer who focuses her work on her experiences and her family. She explains how her emotions show through her work because of bad life experiences she has had such as in the residential school. Janice talks about her home in the Métis community of Maryvelle as well as the homes of her grandparents. She also considered her surroundings to be part of her home and she tells how she was affected by the hills, the land, the trees, and the flowers. She also discusses the difference between her grandmothers’ homes. Janice talks about the strength she gets from the memories of each one of her four grandparents. She hopes that she will write on topics other than her family but as of now she can express herself through her family experiences. She also talks about other Aboriginal writers and some of the topics they write about. She shares one of her stories about her grandmother and why she felt she needed to write this story to keep her spirit alive." ---------------------------------------------- Keywords: Residential schools, Maryvelle, Family, Racism, Farming.

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Acoose, Janice. Interview by the Gabriel Dumont Institute. Transcript. August 12, 1992. Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture. Gabriel Dumont Institute. http://www.metismuseum.ca/resource.php/01050

Acoose, Janice. Interviewer unknown
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