Joe Amyotte interview on Metis political organization in Saskatchewan


From the Gabriel Dumont Institute: "Joe Amyotte is a southern Métis who was instrumental in organizing the Métis Society of Saskatchewan (MSS) (in the southern part of the province) in 1962-64. There was little, if any, contact between this group and the northern one under Malcolm Norris until 1967 when the two organizations merged. Norris opposed the merger on the grounds that the MSS was too closely tied to the Liberal Party and the Liberal government. He also opposed it because the organization was receiving government grants. Amyotte became the president of the organization and retained that position until 1969 when Howard Adams won the presidency. Since that time he has had no further association with the group. He was responsible for the development of educational upgrading and housing programs for the Metis, which he discusses in detail." --------------------------------------------- Keyword: political, organization, Metis, housing, education.


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  • Amyotte, Joe. Interview by Murray Dobbin. Transcript. August 11, 1977. Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture. Gabriel Dumont Institute.


Amyotte, Joe
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