Dorothy Askwith Interview on Metis Experiences of the Second World War


Description provided by the Gabriel Dumont Institute: "Dorothy was interviewed on March 10, 1993. This interview consists of Dorothy Askwith’s basic training and experiences of WWII. During her interview she discusses growing up as well as her feelings before she enlisted and her reasons for enlisting. During this interview Dorothy discusses the various jobs she had during WWII. Dorothy’s parents’ reactions to her going to war are also discussed in this interview. Also included in this interview is her view on discrimination while she was in the army as well as how some of her friends related to her story. An in depth discussion of Dorothy’s alcoholism and how she overcame it through AA and her extensive involvement after the war is also discussed." Keywords: Warfare, Health, Racism, Veterans

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Askwith, Dorothy. Interview by the Gabriel Dumont Institute. Transcript (01). March 10, 1993. Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture. Gabriel Dumont Institute.

Askwith, Dorothy. Interviewer unknown
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