Violet Arnault interview on Metis experiences of racism, loss of language and assimilation


From the Publisher: "Violet was interviewed on February 17, 1984 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Violet gives a general overview of her early life. During this interview she has detailed discussions of her school experiences, and First Nations and Métis relationships. She also touches on scrip, religion, work and wages."

Arnault discusses her family life, specifically the inconsistent work that her father had while she was growing up. Arnault also discusses her interactions with local First Nations' populations, Metis involvement in the Catholic Church, her mother's lifestyle, and education as a child. Keywords: Metis, language, French, Cree, racism, education, employment, scrip, religion.

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Arnault, Violet. Interview by Ingrid Arnault. Transcript. February 17, 1984. Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture. Gabriel Dumont Institute.

Arnault, Violet. Interviewed by Ingrid Brenda Arnault
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