Nancy Monroe Interview


From the Interview document: "The main themes of this interview are as follows. First is that of poor quality education being offered at the reserve that Nancy resided. It is clear from her oral testimony that the education of people on the reserve was not a priority for the Federal government. A second theme that is evident in the interview is the control of identity by the federal government, specifically the idea of those who are and are not indian. With that identity came support, and money, from the federal government. This in itself is a method of control that is employed by the Federal Government to this day. A third theme of this interview is that of racism. While Nancy notes that some people were decent toward her, others were not. She cites the example of a store owner who wanted nothing to do with natives, except when it came to their money. She also states people mistrusting her in Saskatoon. Finally she explains the fear that people on reserve had of the RCMP." ----------------------------- Keywords: Education, Indian Affairs, RCMP, Treaty Rights, Reserve System

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Saskatchewan Archives Board. Interview of Nancy Monroe by Lucille and Ron Bell for the oral history project “Ethnocultural Groups of Saskatchewan: The First People” Tape R-427+428

Monroe, Nancy. Interviewed by Lucille and Ron Bell
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Nancy Monroe Interview