Two Worlds Colliding

This film documentary discusses the ‘starlight tours’ administered by officers in the Saskatoon police. These officers apprehended Indigenous men and drove them out to a remote location in temperatures as cold as -20° C. Darrell Night, one man to survive shares his experience of being dropped off and left to freeze. This, along with the recent deaths of two Indigenous men led to an investigation of the treatment of the Indigenous population in the city of Saskatoon. This documentary also highlights the longevity of this poor relationship with the case of Neil Stonechild’s death in 1990 with strikingly similar circumstances. Overall, this film illustrates the damaged relationships between Indigenous individuals and the Saskatoon city police. Indigenous peoples still face discrimination against mainstream society, including local police such as Saskatoon, even with steps to ensure the safety of all individuals apprehended by the Saskatoon police. Documentary available online:

Hubbard, Tasha
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Hubbard, Tasha. Two Worlds Colliding. Film. Tasha Hubbard. 2004. Saskatoon: National Film Board, (2004).