Kisiskâciwan: Indigenous Voices from Where the River Flows Swiftly


Kisiskâciwan is an anthology of Indigenous histories and narratives from Saskatchewan. Archibald-Barber selected the pieces among Indigenous peoples who are present within the province: Cree, Salteaux, Nakoda, Dakota, and Dene, adding Metis and Lakota. The primary sources represent the time frame that goes from the first recordings-publications-transcripts to the present. However, the Indigenous narratives collected in this book are primary written sources of their oral culture, according to all Western disciplines, as well as history, jurisprudence, philosophy, religion, etc. Therefore, they testify the stratifications of stories and narratives before and after the first contact. The collection contains three types of primary sources: firstly, Indigenous literature written in English; secondly, tales and histories from Indigenous oral cultures, as well as interviews, transcriptions, and translations; thirdly, poems, songs, scripts, and essays.

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Archibald-Barber, Jesse Rae. Kisiskâciwan: Indigenous Voices from Where the River Flows Swiftly Regina: University of Regina Press, 2018.

Archibald-Barber, Jesse Rae - editor (various authors)
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