Interview with Verna Richards


Interview Description provided by the Gabriel Dumont Institute:

"Verna was interviewed on July 12, 1977 at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Verna Richards lived for many years in northern Saskatchewan where she ran the La Ronge Cafe in the 1950s and early 1960s. She knew many of the local Indian and Métis people including Jim Brady and Malcolm Norris. She discusses life in La Ronge in the 1950s, sexual assault, illegitimacy and venereal disease, the impact of tourism, relationships between Indians and non-Indians, Jim Brady's lifestyle and personality, problems of alcoholism in the community, and medical services for Aboriginal people."

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Richards, Verna. Interviewed by Murray Dobbin, “Richards, Verna Interview” Transcript. Gabriel Dumont Institute, Virtual Museum Oral Histories Archive. July 12, 1977. 

Richards, Verna
Dobbin, Murray
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