Zagime Anishinabek

Historical and Alternate Community Names

Goose Lake, Leech Lake, Little Bones, Reserve no. 074, Sahkeemay, Sakamas, Sakamay, Sakemas, Sakemay, Sakemo, Sakimay, Shesheep, Sheshep, Yellow Calf

Reserves, Settlements, and Villages

Little Bone 74B, Minoahchak 74C, Sakimay Indian Reserve No. 74 (various), Shesheep Indian Reserve No. 74A, Treaty Four Reserve Grounds No. 77, Zagime Anishinabek Indian Reserve No. 74 (various)

General Information

Zagime Anishinabek (Formerly Sakimay) is an Anishinaabe (Saulteaux) First Nation located to the north-east of Regina, Saskatchewan. They are signatories to Treaty 4, which the group signed in 1874. As of 2022, Zagime Anishinabek has a registered population of 1,837.

Support Services and Programs Available to Community Members

Zagime Anishinabek

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