Appealing to Lord Lorne to amend the terms of Treaty 4


Aboriginal signatories of Treaty 4 took the opportunity presented by the visit of Governor General Lorne to Western Canada to outline their grievances with treaty implementation. They continued to assert their right under the treaty to have their livelihoods ensured. Lorne was asked if the treaty terms could be improved in order to ensure that this could happen.

Lorne's response dismissed these requests saying he would not amend the treaty. Several speakers continued to reiterate that treaty reformation was necessary because the signatory communities were not being provided with the means to live. It should be noted that Indigenous people who engaged in treaty viewed it as a living relationship that was ongoing and required maintenance or revisiting in order to be beneficial to both parties. It should be noted that it was common throughout the numbered treaty negotiations for oral promises to be made that were not included in the written document, which was considered the "official" document by Canadian officials. A rewording of the Treaty was necessary to ensure that continued European settlement did not threaten the livelihood and prosperity of First Nations signatories.

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