Qu'Appelle Agency Created


In an attempt to cut down on spending, Minister of the Interior Clifford Sifton amalgamated the File Hills and Muscowpetung Agencies, creating the Qu’Appelle Agency. William Morris Graham was put at the head of this agency, having been the agent of the File Hills agency previously.

As a result of this decision, more power was consolidated into the hands of William Graham Morris. As well, the financial and bureaucratic resources available to these two agencies were reduced, demonstrating the government's desire to reduce their spending on the "Indian problem" overall. This would affect their ability to meet treaty obligations such as providing farm equipment, food rations, education and medical care.

PAC, RG 10, vol. 3878, file 91, 839-7

Sub Event
Amalgamation of File Hills and Muscowpetung Agencies