Provincial Game Law Implemenation


In 1929 the Canadian Federal Government transferred control of Natural Resources to Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. This transfer was made under the agreement that Aboriginal peoples could continue to hunt, trap and fish on Crown lands year round. However, between 1929 and 1938 Aboriginal peoples experienced restrictions. Pleas were made to provincial governments to allow destitute Aboriginal peoples to hunt during closed season, however the Department of the Interior was reluctant to provide First Nations peoples with "special treatment", despite the continued right to hunt, fish and trap being guaranteed in Treaty 8.

This event demonstrates a breach of the Treaty 8 agreement, which left Aboriginal peoples of Northern Saskatchewan in destitute conditions. It is part of a larger pattern of treaty violations as it relates to not fulfilling or contravening aspects of treaty which guaranteed hunting, fishing and trapping rights, as well as distribution of aid including food and medical care. Please see related entries on treaties 8 and 10 for further information.