Chief William Apisis Expresses Concern Regarding Preservation of Hunting and Fishing Rights


Indian Agent Thomas Borthwick traveled to the Treaty 10 area in 1907 to gain additional adhesions to the treaty. William Apasis outlined to Borthwick that he was fearful the government was attempting to undermine their ability to fish and hunt. He indicated that if these practices were disrupted they would starve. Borthwick assured him they would not be impeded from fishing or hunting. However, in the following years greater game restrictions would be initiated in the North that put stressors on Indigenous peoples who relied on game and fishing.

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“Memoranda re: the Indians of Treaty No. 10 for the Year 1907, English River Band at the Meeting of with the Commissioner 29 June 1907,” pg. 2. In Treaty No. 10 and Reports of Commissioners. Ottawa: Queen’s Printer, 1907.