Creation of League of Indians in Western Canada

Headed by Chief Joe Taylor, the work of F.O Loft which had begun with the League of Indians of Canada, was continued with a meeting at Green Lake where the League of Indians in Western Canada was formed. At subsequent conferences on the Saddle Lake Reserve in Alberta in 1931 and 1932, the group drafted resolutions pertaining to establishment of on-reserve schools, increased food rations for the elderly, no further land surrenders, and the preservation of hunting, trapping, and fishing rights, along with various social programs that were needed. The 1933 conference also included a statement focusing on religious freedoms, particularly the Sun Dance.


“Memorandum of Resolutions passed by the Chiefs, Councillors, and Voters of the various Bands of Indians assembled in council at the Convention of the League of Indians of Canada, held at the Saddle Lake Indian Reserve, Alberta, on the 15th, 16th, and 17th days of July 1931.” P.A.C RG-10.

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This group was a predecessor of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. It demonstrates the efforts of resistance of Indigenous peoples toward government attempts at assimilation and evasion of fulfilment of their legally binding treaty obligations.
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