Joint Parliamentary Committee on Indian Affairs

The Special Joint Parliamentary Committee on Indian Affairs was appointed in order to examine the post-war experiences of Aboriginal people across the country. Particular focuses of the committee were treaty rights, band membership, taxation, enfranchisement, encroachments on Indigenous land, schools, and the social and economic advancement of Indians. The committee met with various groups representing Aboriginal people in Saskatchewan, including the Protective Association for Indians and their Treaties and the Saskatchewan Indian Association. These delegates recommended to the committee that all education, welfare, and social initiatives should be run by Aboriginal people and be non-denominational.

Date Explanation
The Saskatchewan meetings took place in 1947 The final report of the committee was issued 24 June 1948

Canada, Special Joint Committee on the Indian Act, Minutes of Proceeding and Evidence, Fourth Report, 22 June 1948. CP, S.J.C. 1947, p 969-1002

The result of the two years of committee meetings was four reports containing recommendations presented to parliament. However, governing powers over Indigenous peoples remained intact.
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Joint Parliamentary Committee Meeting with Saskatchewan Delegates