Ochapowace Resolutions


Several members of the Ochapowace band, including Chief Ochapowace, met and drafted a list of resolutions dealing with the administration of their band at the council level. They criticized farming practices, complaining that they were unable to harvest their crops before winter and get them to market, requesting a ‘complete threshing outfit,’ increased access to one of the band’s tractors, improved roads in and out of the reserve, and relief for one destitute member of the band. They also protested the replacement of Chief Ochapowace. In a second correspondence from the Ochapowace band, several members alleged that they had been mistreated at the Broadview Hospital, and as such, expressed a preference to be hospitalized at the Whitewood Community Hospital.

Provincial officials to whom the group’s letter was addressed were hesitant to act on any of the resolutions, as the dissident group had no official standing within the band. They did, however, invest in road improvements. The group then sent another letter directly to Ottawa, who agreed with the provincial government.