Creation of Federation of Saskatchewan Indians

The Federation of Saskatchewan Indians came together in 1958, forming as a merger of the Union of Saskatchewan Indians and the Queen Victoria Treaty Protection Association. The Federation was based on an organization through which provincial and regional executives were derived from local band councils in each of the nine agencies. The group began receiving funding from the CCF government in 1961-1962. As part of receiving funding, the FSI adopted a new method of electing board members and created an official constitution. Previous to this, their leadership and organizational mandate had been unofficial. The Queen Victoria Protective Society dissolved around 1966, after the FSI began receiving government funding.


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Input of the CCF into this organization may have been a means for the provincial government to exercise their influence over Aboriginal people. The CCF government was caught between two goals: the desire to assist the development of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians (FSI) as a strong, self-determining organization - and the desire to promote the integration of Indigenous people into mainstream society. Since the FSI received all funding from the Saskatchewan government, it was often accused of being controlled by the provincial government.
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