Dreaver Report


Written by Chief Joseph Dreaver of Mistawasis, this report surveyed 67 bands in Saskatchewan and called for band control and administration of land. In response, L.L Brown suggested that there was a necessity for bands to accept Euro-Canadian land divisions if they wished to integrate into Canadian society.

The response of L.L. Brown is indicative of the privileging of Eurocentric perceptions of land use and ownership, as well as disregard for the capacity of Indigenous peoples to self-govern. This is a continuation of colonial attitudes that were introduced at Contact, as Europeans dismissed Indigenous modes and philosophies of governance as inferior.

Report of Chief Joseph Dreaver, Sr, to the Indian Affairs Branch, December 6, 1962; Letter to the Executive Assistant to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Re: The Dreaver Report, from L.L Brown, Chief, Agencies Division, Indian Affairs Branch, 3 January 1963. [NAC, RG-10, CR Series, Vol. 8584, File 1/1-2-16]