Opening of Beauval/Lac La Ronge Indian Residential School

The Beauval Residential School was opened in 1906 by a group of Oblate Fathers and Brothers who settled the area as a Catholic mission. They built many buildings in the area, including a residential school. Construction of the school began in 1905 and was completed in 1906. With the completion of the first buildings, the Fathers and Brothers were joined by Grey Nuns, the latter of which worked as teachers and housekeepers. During the early years, the school had approximately seventy students each year from the surrounding area, including La Loche, Dillon, Turner Lake, Canoe Lake, and Patuanak.

Date Explanation
Construction began in 1905 with the first buildings being completed in 1906.
Residential Schools fronted as places of education, but in reality were used by religious and government officials to assimilate, abuse, and control Indigenous children. For more information on the physical, social, and psychological effects of Residential Schooling please see related entries on the database.
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