Private Member's Resolutions Call for Upgraded Services to Aboriginal People

CCF MLA Berezowsky introduced two private member's resolutions, in 1954 and 1956 respectively, which called for upgraded services for First Nations people to a level comparable to those of non-Indigenous citizens. In addition, the resolutions demanded that First Nations treaty members in Canada be granted full citizenship rights without abrogating any privileges and rights provided by treaties. Both resolutions passed unanimously.

The passing of these resolutions in the provincial legislature created the need for provincial-federal discussions over responsibility for First Nations services, as they were still under the jurisdiction of the federal government. The issue of citizenship rights led to tension among various provincial First Nations organizations, as many viewed enfranchisement as a final step toward assimilation of First Nations people into mainstream Canadian settler society.
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Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan Debates. 2nd session. 12th legislature. 2 March, 1954
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Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan Debates. 4th session. 12th legislature. 23 February, 1956