Suicides at the Muscowequan Residential School


In June of 1981 at Muscowequan Residential School, 5 or 6 girls between the ages of 8 and 10 attempted suicide by hanging. Earlier in the year, a 15 year old died by suicide.

In addition to running away, some students resorted to suicide as way to escape the abuse and the environments it caused that was prevalent within residential schools. Suicides are evidence that conditions in Residential Schools were unbearably difficult, traumatizing, and inescapable for children. Suicide, specifically youth suicide, remains a pertinent problem in many Indigenous communities - some local governments identifying it as a state of emergency. Suicide, poor mental health, addictions, and more can all manifest themselves as a result of intergenerational trauma from Residential Schooling. For more information on this subject see; "Physical Abuse in the Residential Schools' and "Runaways and Student Truancy in the Residential School System.'

(INAC File E 4974-2018, Vol. 1, H. Lanner to G. SInclair, 22 June 1981.)


Suicides at the Muscowequan Residential School