Indian Act Amendment

Under this programme, the Superintendent-General was able to issue loans of up to $350,000 for the purchase of agricultural tools or seed, live stock, fishing supplies, or handicraft materials. The Superintendent-General was also given the power to issue prospecting and mining leases on reserve lands without a land surrender.


CP, House of Commons Debates, 3 Sess., 18 Parl., 1938, Vol. IV, p. 3510: Indian Act Amendment (Bill 138) -- 2nd reading, 3 June 1938.

The amendment allowing the release of reserve lands without a land surrender negates treaty obligations that reserve lands were to remain with Indigenous communities, and that any land surrender was to be negotiated before proceeding.
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Creation of Revolving Loan Fund, Superintendent-General Power to Grant Mining Leases
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An Act to Amend the Indian Act: 2 George VI, 18th Parliament, 3rd Session, Chapt. 31