A Guide for Development: Uranium City and District



"Described by the authors as a "Planning Report for Uranium City," this study was undertaken by a firm of planning consultants in an effort to coordinate post-1956 community expansion. Izumi and Arnott provide some background on the history of the Beaver lodge Lodge Development Area and further trace the exploitation of the uranium field from approximately 1946 to 1955. Their recommendations which include provisions for native housing, emphasize continued subdivision planning of the townsite area within a larger regional framework."

Citation: Robson, Robert. Selected Sources on Northern Housing and Related Infrastructure: An Annotated Bibliography. Winnipeg: University of Winnipeg, Institute of Urban Studies. 1989. p. 37. 

 A Guide for Development: Uranium City and District. is available through the University of Saskatchewan's Library. 


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  • Izumi, K and G.R Arnott. A Guide for Development: Uranium City and District. Regina: Department of Municipal Affairs, May 1956.


Izumi, K.
Arnott, G.R.
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