Lebret Community Profile: A Journey Through Time


From the Author's Introduction: "This report highlights the findings from a study entitled, “The Origins and Import of Health Inequities in Saskatchewan 1905-1985.” The study was conducted by the Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit (SPHERU), and interdisciplinary research unit committed to critical population health research. --------------------------------------------- Guided by a population health approach (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2011), this report examines the historical origins of health within the rural community of Lebret, Saskatchewan. Health is influenced by several factors including socioeconomic status, social support, physical environment, access to services, healthy child development, health practices and coping skills, gender, culture (PHAC, 2011). Accordingly, we suggest that in order to address the origins of health it is important to examine factors such as infrastructure, socio-demographics and government policy." Pg 1.

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Todd, T., Daschuk., J., DeSantis, G., Hackett, P., Bacsu, J., McIntosh, T., Sari, N. (draft manuscript completed Sept. 2012). Lebret healthcare: A journey through time. Saskatoon, SK: Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit. http://www.spheru.ca/publications/files/Journey-Through-Time-Lebret.pdf

Saskatchewan Population Health and Research Evaluation Unit
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