A Métis Perspective on Truth and Reconciliation


Logan writes about the experiences of Metis students of Residential Schools and how their history has been minimized, or ignored due to lack of documentation. Oral histories from Métis Elders and Survivors demonstrate that, despite an absence of written records, there is a long history of Métis attendance at Residential and Federal Day schools. Logan presents "an overview of Métis history and experience with the residential school system based on a combination of historical and archival research, supplemented by personal interviews with Métis Elders and Survivors." (73).

"Tricia concludes that commemoration could provide a venue for Métis Survivors to reconnect with lost memories of language, culture, and customs and to honour family members, friends, and classmates who did not survive: “Perhaps forgetting aided in the resilience, but now, in an open environment, active remembering and active forgetting will be done by choice, not necessity.” (ii).

Logan presents a detailed, comprehensive summary of common Métis experiences in schools, the damaging cumulative effects schools and their staff have had on Métis communities, culture, knowledge, language, and health.  

Excerpt from the Logan's introduction:

"My grandmother and several members of her Métis family attended the Qu’Appelle Residential School in Saskatchewan. Considering this personal connection, it was slightly discouraging when academics and entire organizations refused to contribute to the study or suggested that I find a new topic. There seemed to be a general acceptance, in some small circles of academia, that Métis attendance was insignificant despite Métis claims to the contrary. Reliance on written records preserved by residential school administrators contributed greatly to the Métis story being under-represented and under-researched for so long.

As a Métis researcher, I have gained my own perspective on Métis attendance at residential schools. A great deal of this paper was compiled with the help from Métis Elders, Survivors, academics, and friends who supported this study." (71).

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Logan, Tricia. "A Metis Perspective on Truth and Reconciliation." In From Truth to Reconciliation: Transforming the Legacy of Residential Schools. Eds. Castellano, Archibald, and DeGagné. Ottawa: Aboriginal Healing Foundation, 2008. 71-86.

Logan, Tricia
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