ka-ki-pe-isi-nakatamakawiyahk. Our Legacy: Essays


Acknowledgements, Page 6-7:

" Over 80 individuals and organizations contributed to the development of the ka-ki-pe-isi-nakatamakawiyahk / Our Legacy site, which currently has 4,865 descriptive records and 67,842 digitized items, highlighting library, archival and museum resources from nine Saskatchewan repositories. To the best of our knowledge, this is the most comprehensive on- line site for predominantly archival Aboriginal, Inuit and Métis material in Canada, and it is still growing. None of this would have been possible without the hard work, enthusiasm and assistance of each of those 80 individuals – too many to identify here, but acknowledged by name at http://scaa.sk.ca/ourlegacy/about_ack.

We are grateful for the gift of our site name. “Our Legacy” was suggested to us by a Cree researcher at the University of Saskatchewan Archives, who was influenced by the work of late Chief Mary Ann Stoney, Little Pine First Nation. Chief Stoney was known for her commitment to Cree language curriculum development. Although we are aware of the numerous Indigenous languages spoken in Saskatchewan and across Canada, on the web site we included Cree to honour this gift and Dene in recognition of our northernmost partner, Pahkisimon Nuye?àh Library System (Northern Saskatchewan Archives).

All nine Saskatchewan organizations which contributed materials to the first phase of Our Legacy were instrumental in creating a rich research resource. The project was initiated by four partners who submitted the applications for funding: the University of Saskatchewan Archives, Pahkisimon Nuye?àh Library System (Northern Saskatchewan Archives), the University of Saskatchewan Special Collections Department, and the Diefenbaker Canada Centre. The contribution of the Indigenous Studies Portal, University of Saskatchewan Library, was fundamental, and we appreciate their continuing participation.

The site was made possible through funding support provided by: The Canadian Culture Online Program and the National Archival Development Program of Canadian Heritage, Library and Archives Canada and the Canadian Council of Archives; and the Digitization Pilot Project Grant Program of the Saskatchewan Provincial Library (Ministry of Education). Publication assistance was provided through the University of Saskatchewan Publication Fund. Finally, for his exceptional proof-reading and editorial skill, our thanks to Robert Alary without whose help this book would not have been published in such a timely fashion. kinanaskomitin." - Cheryl Avery, Darlene Fichter

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Avery, Cheryl and Fichter, Darlene, ed. ka-ki-pe-isi-nakatamakawiyahk. Our Legacy: Essays. Saskatoon: University of Saskatchewan, 2008. website: http://digital.scaa.sk.ca/ourlegacy/

Avery, Cheryl
Fichter, Darlene
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