Indigenous Masculinities: Carrying the Bones of the Ancestors


Introduction, 267:

"The first step in our research project has been to interview Elders about Indigenous men’s roles and responsibilities. We asked: What roles and responsibilities did Indigenous men have in the past? What happened to our men’s identities and masculinities as a result of colonization? Where are we at today? What do our men need to move forward in terms of being healthy Indigenous males? We interviewed the following 12 Elders across Canada to begin this dialogue: Jim Albert, Anishinaabe, Ontario; Wil Campbell, Métis, Alberta; Reggie David, Nuu-chahnulth, British Columbia; Ray John, Oneida, Ontario; Jules Lavalee, Métis, Manitoba; Albert McLeod, Cree, Manitoba; Rene Meshake, Anishinaabe, Ontario; Joseph Morrisson, Anishinaabe, Ontario; Ray Peter, Quw’utsun, British Columbia; Tom Porter, Mohawk, New York State; Ted Quinney, Cree, Alberta; Dominique Rankin, Algonquin, Quebec.

This Chapter presents our findings from the Elder interviews and serves as our entry point into the study of Indigenous masculinities in Canada." (267). 

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Anderson, Kim, Robert Alexander Innes, and John Swift. "Indigenous Masculinites: Carrying the Bones of the Ancestors" Christopher J. Greig and Wayne J. Martino eds. In Canadian Men and Masculinities: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press Inc., 2012. 

Anderson, Kim, Robert Alexander Innes, and John Swift
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