8th Fire: It's Time!

From the Publisher: "It's Time! challenges Canadians with this reality: if we don't improve our relationship with Aboriginal people, we will cripple our economy. Both the footage and the argument come in high definition and make the case that Canada is changing beneath our feet. In a dynamic two-minute walk through 500 years of history, 8th Fire host Wab Kinew explains how ancient Wampum belts hold a clue to the future. The Supreme Court of Canada now confirms the promises they hold as the truth. The First Nations of this country were not conquered. They signed treaties to share the land, and this means Aboriginal people must be consulted and accommodated when anyone wants to dig, explore or develop on their land." https://curio.ca/en/video/its-time-1409/

Docherty, Neil
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8th Fire: It's Time! Directed by Docherty, Neil. Canada: CBC Docs, 2014. ----------- Watch for free here https://www.coursera.org/lecture/aboriginal-education/8th-fire-episode-…