8th Fire: Whose Land Is It Anyways

Summary taken from the 8th Fire Guide for Educators: "Land claims and treaties for Aboriginal peoples have been contentious and varied issues across the country. In many geographic areas, the land has vast earning potential. In some cases, others have accessed that earning potential before the local First Nations were able to do so. This episode helps students to understand some of the concerns about Aboriginal land use, and to see some ways that First Nations have achieved some economic prosperity through the use of their land. It also shows the bleakest possible picture of what can happen when an Aboriginal community – Attawapiskat – is not able to profit from its land. The main elements to focus on for this episode are: the benefits and drawbacks of compromise, making agreements in good faith, and a relationship with the land." https://media.curio.ca/filer_public/e5/c9/e5c95239-396c-4772-aee5-cf843…

Philibert, Michel
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8th Fire: Whose Land is it Anyway?. Directed by Philibert, Michel. Canada: CBC Docs, 2012. https://fr.coursera.org/lecture/aboriginal-education/8th-fire-episode-3…