8th Fire: At the Crossroads

Summary taken from the 8th Fire Guide for Educators: The final instalment in the 8th Fire series is a focus on the young generation – known as the “Seventh Generation” – who have experienced less cultural trauma and are better equipped than some who have come before them to create a new relationship between Aboriginal peoples and the rest of Canada. This particularly hopeful episode requires an understanding of the 8th Fire Prophecy and some historical knowledge for students who are viewing it. The main elements to focus on for this episode are: Aboriginal media such as visual art and television productions, the future of the Indian Act, educational opportunities and challenges for some Aboriginal youth, and the lure of economic development." https://media.curio.ca/filer_public/e5/c9/e5c95239-396c-4772-aee5-cf843…

Morin, Paquet, and Morin, Paul.
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8th Fire: At the Cross Roads. Directed by Morin, Paquet, and Morin, Paul. Canada: CBC Docs, 2012. https://fr.coursera.org/lecture/aboriginal-education/8th-fire-episode-4…