Robert Dalby Interview


Abstract provided by the Gabriel Dumont Institute: "Robert was interviewed on June 18, 1976 in La Ronge, Saskatchewan. Bob Dalby is a long time resident of La Ronge and has been active in the past in local politics. He knew both Malcolm Norris and James Brady as friends and as political organizers. He describes the period beginning in the late 1940s as the transition period away from the Aboriginal peoples’ traditional nomadic way of life; the errors the government (CCF) made in its programs and its assumptions about the northern people - didn't understand their culture; the lack of leadership among the Cree and Métis – not part of their tradition; the insignificance of the local CCF; Norris's activity in the party, Brady's inactivity – contrasting the men in their approaches."


Keywords: Land use (Subsistence Patterns), Family Allowance, Healthcare, Indian Act, Elections, Fur Marketing Service, Federal Governance

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Dalby, Robert. Interview by Murray Dobbin. Transcript. June 18, 1976. Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture. Gabriel Dumont Institute.

Dalby, Robert; Dobbin, Murray.
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