The Gladue Principles: An Interview with Benjamin Ralston

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Learn about the Gladue Principles, Gladue Reports, and how practitioners can make effective Gladue Submissions in an  interview with Gladue Expert, Author, and Professor of Law at the University of Saskatchewan, Benjamin Ralston.

What questions does this interview answer: 

  1. What does the implementation of the Gladue principles look like across Canada?
  2. What can typically be found in a Gladue report?
  3. What are some of the criticisms or challenges that Gladue reports have faced in the past and how are Gladue report practices changing?
  4. What are some of the criticisms or challenges that PSRS have faced in the past and how are PSR practices changing?
  5. How can lawyers prepare effective Gladue submissions and how might they best rely on the information in a Gladue report or PSR to do so?

Publications by Benjamin Ralston: