Metis Association of Saskatchewan Forms Local Branches


Jim Brady and Malcolm Norris (leaders of the Metis Association of Saskatchewan who also formed the Metis Association of Alberta) established local chapters in Saskatchewan communities outside of the scope of the Metis Society of Saskatchewan in places such as Prince Albert and Meadow Lake.

This marked the beginning of political organization for Metis peoples in the Prince Albert and Meadow Lake regions. As the years progressed, the organization would become increasingly cohesive with Metis in the rest of the province. Sanderson (see interview excerpt below in "relevant resources) notes that language was a barrier in political consciousness-raising. In another interview contained in the entry "Metis Society of Saskatchewan - Implementation and Removal of Education and Housing Programs", Joe Amyotte notes that recruiting Metis members for the Metis Society was difficult because of an internalized sense of ethnic inferiority as well as a fear of being laughed at.