Runaways from Round Lake Residential School

In January of 1935, 3 boys ran away from the Round Lake Residential School and attempted to return home to the Ochapowace Reserve. Glen Gaddie and Alec Wasacase made it to their homes safely while Percy Ochapowace got lost in a blizzard and froze to death as the temperature was below 25 degrees (F).

The coroner in charge of the incident decided that no inquest was necessary into the death of Percy Ochapowace. The principal of the school was told that he should have sent out a search team immediately, although no charges were laid against him. The treatment of Percy Ochapowace following his death indicates the lack of care that the government had for students of Residential Schools. For more information on the topic see; 'Runaways and Student Truancy in the Residential School System.'
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