Title Sub Event Start Date
Unauthorized Lumber Harvesting on Little Red River Reserve (Lac La Ronge and Montreal Lake Bands) 1904
CCF Actively Discourages Métis Identification 1949
CCF Creates Métis Colonies 1940-00-00
Blakeney Government Implements the Saskatchewan Formula 1976-00-00
Adopt Indian and Métis Project (AIM) 1967-00-00
Sixties Scoop and Child Apprehension 1960-00-00
Newly Shared Responsibility of Aboriginal Services Between Provincial and Federal Government 1952-00-00
1960 Political Enfranchisement 1960-03-31
Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Indigenous Women, Girls, 2-Spirit, and Transgender people Ongoing
Impact of Housing Insecurity - Introductory Essay Ongoing
Indian Act Bill C-3: Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act 2010-12-15
Nekaneet Treaty Land Entitlement Settlement Agreement 1992-09-23
Freezing Deaths: The Starlight Tours 1990
Indian Act Bill C-31: An Act to Amend the Indian Act 1985-04-17
Closing of Beauval Indian Residential School 1983-00-00
Suicides at the Muscowequan Residential School 1981-00-00
Metis Society of Saskatchewan - Implementation and Removal of Education and Housing Programs 1977
Last Indian Agent Removed 1969-00-00
Discrimination Towards Metis Commercial Fishermen at Buffalo Narrows 1967-00-00
Northern and Southern Metis Political Organizations Merge into Métis Society of Saskatchewan 1967-00-00
Walter Deiter Makes Request for the Removal of the Pass System 1967-00-00
Government Retaliation for Criticism of Funding Cuts - Indian-Metis Service Organization The provincial government (Department of Natural Resources) demanded that Malcom Norris resign as Executive Director of the Prince Albert Indian-Metis Service Council (Parent Organization for the Prince Albert Friendship Centre) after he criticized them for cutting funding to Indigenous programs. 1966-03-01
Creation of Provincial Chapter of National Indian Brotherhood 1966-00-00
Community Development Submission to Cabinet Community Development Submission to Cabinet 1964-02-00
Government Sponsored Meeting with First Nations and Métis Organizations 1964-00-00
Murder of Allan Thomas 1963-05-11
Survey of Food Costs at the Band Level 1963-00-00
Dreaver Report 1962-00-00
Conflict between Kamsack Residents and Neighbouring Reserves 1962-00-00
Legislature Passes Resolution to Ask Ottawa for Complete Control of Indian Affairs 1961-00-00