Common types of publications (sources) on the database, by category:


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles - Peer reviewed journal articles, copies of each journal are attached to the entries. Hosted on the database.

Book - Books which may be relevant for research, books are rarely hosted on the database but links to Open Access digital editions accompany various entries.

Chapter in a Book - Chapters from books relevant for research, many book chapters are hosted on the database, external links accompany chapters which are not.

Inquiry/Investigation - Inquiries and investigations eg: Commissions, Reports, Land Claims, etc. Hosted on the database. 

Government Document - Government documents, federal or provincial. Hosted on the database.

MA Thesis - Masters Theses', tend to be more specific than books, longer than journal articles, frequently consolidate oral interviews, archival work, and secondary research. Frequently contribute to scholarship on localized histories in Saskatchewan versus broad discussions of Canada as a whole. Hosted on the database. 

Documentary - Documentaries, external links. Documentaries are free.

Website - Websites may include Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan entries, Peer-Reviewed articles which are hosted on webpages, First Nations and Community webpages. Links take you to external sources. 

News Article - News Articles on current events circa 2008-2021. 

Primary Source Documents - Oral Interviews, Transcripts, Archival Documents, and other source material which was created at the time of an event, generally from a first-person perspective. Newspapers, early legislation, Annual Reports from the Superintendent of Indian Affairs are just a few of the sources you can find on the database.