Video Resources

A list of video resources (7) hosted on the database. You can find interviews with Academics and Scholars on a variety of topics including Indigenous histories, settler colonialism, making effective Gladue Submissions, and legal systems / the law

Screenshot of Emily Snyder Interview



Culture and the Law: Legal Pluralism - Emily Snyder

Learn from Emily Snyder about the imposition of settler colonial laws over Indigenous laws and governance, and its ongoing effects as a structural issue


Screenshot of Caroline Tait Interview



Cultural Safety and Structural Violence - Caroline Tait 

Learn from Caroline Tait about cultural safety in the human service sector, child weflare, and the justice system



Screenshot of Robert Innes Interview


Federal Legislation, Starvation Policies, and the Indian Act - Robert Innes

Learn from Robert Innes about the Federal Government's early colonial policies, starvation tactics, and the impacts to Indigenous peoples in Saskatchewan




Screenshot of Priscilla Settee Interview


Food Sovereignty, Women, and Indigenous Life - Priscilla Settee

Learn from Priscilla Settee about the importance of food sovereignty to Indigenous wellbeing, Indigenous women's stewardship of the land, the connection between Indigneous wellbeing and environmental protection, a loss of traditional economies, and the socio-political impacts and implications today 




Screenshot of Benjamin Ralston Interview


The Gladue Principles and Making Effective Gladue Submissions - Benjamin Ralston

Learn about the Gladue Principles, Gladue Reports, and how practitioners can make effective Gladue Submissions in an  interview with Gladue Expert, Author, and Professor of Law at the University of Saskatchewan, Benjamin Ralston



Screenshot of Winona Wheeler Interview


History, Intergenerational Trauma, and Healing - Winona Wheeler 

Learn from Winona Wheeler about imposed colonial systems of governance, assimliation policies/practices, how intergenerational trauma is expressed, and healing from this history




Screenshot of Keith Carlson Interview

The Research Database and the History of Settler Colonialism - Keith Carlson

Learn about the Gladue Rights Research Database, why it was created, the meaning behind Gladue, and a brief primer on Settler Colonialism