War of 1812


As a symbol of the treaty made between the Dakota people and the British in which they would fight together in the War of 1812, Robert Dixon presented the Dakota with seven King George III medals. They were also given a small cannon, which was a symbol of the time the two groups had fought together. Though the battle was mainly fought in the western Great Lakes, Niagara, and St. Lawrence regions, communities in Saskatchewan have ancestry that traces back to this battle. These communities are Standing Buffalo Dakota, Wahpeton Dakota, and Whitecap Dakota.

These medals and this cannon were used to demonstrate that the Dakota had created treaties with the British government prior to them signing treaties in the United States. Following the Minnesota Massacre, the Dakota fled to Canada and called upon their history of alliance with the British to request asylum in Canada. Please see the entry "Minnesota Massacre and Arrival of Dakota in Canada" to understand the implications of the Minnesota Massacre and the relationship between the Dakota and British.
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Dakota Distributed King George III Medals

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